Office Management Systems

For many businesses the back-end administration tasks are not a priority and when you’re busy they can be left behind. We believe office management is the backbone of every successful business. We will help you eliminate some of these barriers to productivity by developing your office processes to improve efficiency.

We can assist you with:

Team Manuals
Your business will function more effectively when all employees have a better understanding of their role and how it fits within your business. We can assist with Job Manuals (particularly helpful when an employee departs suddenly), Job Descriptions, setting and implementing KPIs and assist with writing Job Ads for new employees.

Developing WHS
We will help you understand your responsibilities as a business owner and assist in implementing an effective Work Health and Safety Program for your workplace. This program can then be implemented across your business via induction programs for new employees, training and drills.

Your Business Processes
Clear Processes in a business help define employees’ roles as well as ensuring the smooth running of each project. Projects develop according to a framework and defining that process helps all staff understand their roles and responsibilities.

Induction Procedures
Ensuring a new employee is inducted correctly from their first day into your business will save you time and money over their years of employment. From the Office Processes we tailor for your business we can supply you with manuals and induction guides to distribute to new and existing staff.

Accounts Payable and Receivable
Boyd Office Management not only services your business with administration services but also bookkeeping. As qualified bookkeepers with over ten years’ experience we can assist you to take control of your accounts receivable and payable with regular reporting, updated bookkeeping and reminders to clients.

Invoicing and Quotes
Are your invoices sent immediately after the completion of a project? Are you unable to find the time to follow up quotes that were sent to clients? We will help to follow up quotes with new and existing clients and pursue unpaid invoices.

Timesheet systems are a fundamental data tool to understand where your time is spent in or on your business. Calculating the time you spend on specific client projects and admin can help determine if it would be more worthwhile to continue spending time on admin or employing someone to help you. Additionally, knowing where your hours are utilised in a project will enable you to provide a more accurate quote for the next similar project.

Record Keeping
Boyd Office Management Services will help you understand which documents need to be kept, securely destroyed or just thrown, opening up valuable office space.

Desk and Office Space Organisation
Many business owners and employees will spend the majority of their time sitting at their desk. Can you see your desktop? Either of them? We’ll create a tailor made system to help start and end the day with a clean slate where your office space reflects an organised, efficient worker.

Database Management
From addresses, personal information and areas of interest, client data is the key to understanding your clients’ next project request. You may be capturing this data but not analyzing it, or you may have an old database that is never utilised. We will cleanse your databases to get them working hard for your business.

Document Formatting
All documents leaving a business, from emails to envelopes, are a form of advertising. Boyd Office Management Services will tailor a package of documents from letterheads to email signatures to ensure your brand is visible to clients and more importantly, potential clients.

Researching online can be time consuming to find what you’re after. We are skilled at online research, be it finding the best price for an item or relevant articles for a particular project.

Small events
We can arrange your events, from staff functions to client meetings. Being local we know the best places to meet, schmooze and enjoy the best catering!

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