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Continuous Improvement for Small Business

with Adrienne McLean

Founder of The Speaker’s Practice

Date: 17th March 2015

Part 1 – The importance of presentation skills

This week we’re speaking with another small business expert, we are pleased to welcome Adrienne McLean, Founder of The Speakers Practice.

Adrienne, can you explain to our listeners a little bit about yourself and your background and The Speaker’s Practice?


  • Previously corporate with a product development background and founded TSP in 2009 which specialises in marketing & presentation skills and training for small business

Alexi – we’ve talked about presentation skills in the capacity of networking events and way its so important to present yourself coherently and have a small amount prepared (like basically what your business does)….

Why presentation skills are important

Broadly presentation skills:

Over a decade, best persona journey you can go on. Gives yourself your voice – un-bottle what they’ve been bottling up.

Speakers practice came out of that; finding my voice and a product. Background is also very important; can you describe your upbringing and how this has impacted on your journey? (mention here about the ballet & living in a family with small business & ballet) We help with Presenting in front of a camera, corporate photos, and great affiliations with other businesses who can help.

Alexi –we talk a lot about small businesses coming out of a personal journey ; whether that’s skill set learned in the corporate world, or in your case a personal development in a particular field. Experts and those who have been through the process themselves and can better teach their clients how to go on the same path.

  • Simplified – What are the most important aspects of presentation a small business owner should develop?
    • The way they connect with their clients is No1. If they’re hesitant, unclear or lack confidence indicates they may not be confident in what they do. You need to develop the message and firstly you need to know what that message and objectives are. They are important in developing your presentation; one on one or video or social media.
    • Simply tips to improve your presentation
      • You need to look good for your clients – well groomed, clothing, hair (including facial hair!) how you walk into a room
      • Eye contact is very important – don’t look up or down, be confident when you meet someone. Build that internal confidence that people are looking for in small business owners since you’re the one they’re going to solve a problem. You might be highly skilled but if you can’t convey they then the client will doubt you.
    • Interesting fact – 7% of what you say is heard by your audience. The presentation has a much bigger impact; your persona, your look, the way you walk in the room are actually have a bigger impact that what you say verbally. The DELIVERY is in fact what they hear, not what you say.

Part 2 – Book yourself solid

Book yourself solid – systematic way to building your business and be “booked solid”. 4 part module which involves a strong foundation,

Alexi – This is kind of like a business plan WITH PURPOSE and with FRAMEWORK. Its systematic. Can you describe how it all comes together?

Module 1 – foundation

  • Who are your clients
  • Why do they buy what you are selling
  • Personal brand (how you want to be known in the world)
  • Talk about what you do – who you help, what you help them do, what’s your #1 biggest result and the benefits you bring them.

Module 2 – building trust & credibility.

  • The sales cycle
  • Keeping in touch strategy (link networking here)
  • Information products – collateral

Module 3 – Looking at your pricing and having simple sales conversations – constant, always be evaluates, competitor

Module 4 – 6 self core promotion strategies

  • Networking – mandatory
  • Outreach – building new business (probably what people do least and what they should do most) – mandatory
  • Referrals – mandatory
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Internet

Which are the most important aspects of these above

Part 3 – how do I find out more:

  • Hard copy textbook – Book Yourself Solid available on Amazon from The Speaker’s Practice Website
    • Practical, work through exercises, self evaluation section throughout, brings insights into where you are with your business
  • Succeed Program – continuous improvement program – Planning, Doing, Checking & Acting. You learn the Book Yourself Solid system
  • Marketing May – Sat morning for 5 weeks
  • Networking Night –
  • Business speakers forum – 2nd Wednesday in each month – 6:30pm at Chatswood Club

Thanks Adrienne for being on the show!