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Interview with guest

 Matt Kean MP and State member for Hornsby

We’re very excited to be welcoming this week Matt Kean MP, State Member for Hornsby who is here to discuss how the State Government helps small business currently, and the plans into the future.

Before we welcome Matt onto the show I wanted to remind all the listeners about the exciting FREE Small Business networking event on the 2nd of September from 5:30pm. Now this is what Small It’s going to be held at Rails Restaurant at Railway Hotel Hornsby and Matt is very kindly co-hosting the event with Small Biz Matters and the Hornsby Business Alliance

Welcome Matt and thanks for being on the show!

  1. The Event and what’s being achieved?
  • Matt, can you tell us about the event, and why you’re excited to be hosting Small Businesses in Hornsby?
  • What can the attendees expect?
  1. Can you tell us about the role of the small business commissioner?
  1. What does the state government currently do for small business at present?
  1. What plans does the Liberal state government have in store for small business in the future?
  1. If you were reelected to the seat of Hornsby, how will you strive to help support small business in the Hornsby area?

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