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Is Content Really King? Part 1

with Alexi Boyd

from Boyd Office Management Services

Date: 26th May 2015

INTRO – This week Small Biz is getting philosophical in the business world when we discuss the concept that Content is King.

Is it though? Really? It’s certainly a concept which is taught to us early on in running a business. You’ll read about it in every article regarding startups in every piece of evidence about creating your all important website, and don’t you dare send out a newsletter without relevancy to your audience!

Today’s show requires me to be a little self-effacing. I’m a new (ish) business owner to and also going through this oh-so-fun journey of working out how to communicate, be relevant AND keep on top of the GoogleKing.

So the way we communicate in a marketing capacity with our clients is what I’m talking about today; it has the same principals: we need to be concise, clear, not rant on and on (much like I am today)

So what is that elusive Content ? And how do you distinguish it from run of the mill dribble? Well, I’m not a marketing guru as you all know but I thought it would be interesting this week and next to discuss that topic. In fact next week I’m bringing in my good friend and fellow IT Expert Small Business Colleague (with a lot more experience under his belt than I) Andy Farrell from EventSity and we’ll have a lively discussion about this. I think that’s going to be worth tuning into!

But we have to ask ourselves not just the definition but what it means to us as Small Business Owners? When I personally think of Content is King I have to admit I’m just riding on those Wikipedia coat-tails too; what everyone says: that as business owners it is the most important thing we can consider when writing our websites – our newsletters – our CONTENT. But when I asked my small business colleagues to really sit down and discuss this as a topic which, according to “the modern day business soothsayers” impacts on all of us

It can be quite a pressurizing force. I think all of us as business owners question everything we produce which has content – we are our own worst and best enemies. When we produce work for our business we “back ourselves”; we’re confident in what we produce because if we didn’t we wouldn’t have gone into business in the first place. We’re are comfortable with that aspect of content, but it’s the WEBSITE content, the NEWSLETTER content which stumps us. Why is that? Why do we struggle week in week out to produce information (which is essentially what this is ) on a topic for which we back ourselves? Well the missing word in all of this is RELEVANCY. The danger of that concept is that without relevancy e are irrelavent. And there’s a

Part 1 – Definitions

  • So today we’re talking about what you put on your website/newsletters NOT what we I’ve gone old school in my research today: the online Cambridge Dictionary defines content (in this context) as the ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech, or a film . Great, that doesn’t help us. But interestingly the Business Webster section is much more specific: the information contained on a website
  • Interestingly Wikipedia (and why, you may ask did I even refer to the other websites at all) does talk about the actual phrase Content is King – The phrase can be interpreted to mean that – without original and desirable content, or consideration for the rights and commercial interests of content creators – any media venture is likely to fail through lack of appealing content, regardless of other design factors.

Content can mean any creative work, such as text, graphics, images or video.

“Content is King” is a current meme when organizing or building a website and is particularly important for search engine placement. Without original text content, most search engines will be unable to match search terms to the content of a site.

Now THAT’S more like it. Gotta love Wikipedia (the dictionary of the people, for the people and buy the people) Its relevant the businesses today.

In the meantime and thanks once again to my Small Business Colleagues online I have (funnily enough) some content for the show. Proving, I guess that in radio at least, content is king!