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Is Content Really King? Part 2

with Andy Farrell

from Eventsity

Date: 2nd June 2015

INTRO – This week Small Biz is getting philosophical in the business world when we discuss the concept that Content is King.

Is it though? Really? It’s certainly a concept which is taught to us early on in running a business. You’ll read about it in every article regarding startups in every piece of evidence about creating your all important website, and don’t you dare send out a newsletter without relevancy to your audience!

Part 2 – Debate 

Content is most definitely King. If content doesn’t meet the needs of your audience, you may as well write in lorieum ipsum because that’s how it will be read. Without relevant and engaging content, you have nothing. And that goes for content in articles, content in advertising, content on a Facebook post and content anywhere else. Useless content is just that, useless! It will ultimately be damaging and drive readers away. That’s just my thoughts.

Content is king, but it has to be quality. And conversation is queen.

For what it is worth, here is my opinion:

Content matters, but what good is your content, if your audience cannot access it?

You may have the best content in the world, but if it is not in a format audiences choose or like to engage with, then there is no point.

This is where inclusive design principles really come into their own.

It isn’t simply just about the what, it is the how, who, why, and where of things

As a small business owner it’s easy to spend so much time trying to create quality content that there’s little left to do any of the work that actually pays the bills!

The other thing is how you define content. Social media and content driven avenues are hungry beasts and it seems there is just a growing volume of what I would call “junk food content” and less and less good nutritious content that you can really sink your teeth into. And if you set the bar high for quality, then it takes even longer to produce and you find yourself back at my first comment.

I think we are teetering on the edge of “Content overload”. People writing blogs and tweeting for the sake of it or because they have been told it is a MUST do to generate business. Busy people don’t have time to read nonsense for the sake of it. IF you are going to put something out there, make it interesting, valuable and make it count.

Andy Farrell

Great content x no relevance = zero result

Great relevant content x no reach = zero result

Great relevant content with excellent reach x no action conversion = zero result

Average content with good reach and conversion = good result (which shows good content done right, is better than great content executed badly)

Content is just a part of a good digital marketing strategy. You can even achieve success curating other peoples content if you get all the other parts right. In other words, you can succeed with a content strategy with almost no content of your own at all apart from a good intro!

You need distribution (social/email/mobile/web)

You need relevance (target the right message to the right people at the right time)

You need conversion (some kind of action – like subscribe to your newsletter, start a free trial, request a quote etc…)

So… no, content matters, but it ain’t king.