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Motivating yourself after a break from your business

With Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services

Is it truly 2015?

If you’re anything like me getting back into it for the 2015 year has been daunting. Too much time off and I sen to completely sow down – it’s not that I don’t love what I do or my new business, but I’m finding it harder and harder to crank up the gears to start the new year with a bang! Its kind of like jet lag…

Part 1 – Getting back into the swing of things for 2015


Here are some tips that other small business colleagues have been kind enough to share:

  • “I just go a big year planner and stuck up right where I will see it everyday. I have mapped out my goals, holidays, education & empire for the first 6 months already. It is very motivating.”
    • Great tip, and good to see the year as a whole, I agree. Let’s face it; nowadays a year seems to fly by and breaking it down into smaller chunks like months or quarters really shows how important it is to set goals; and also give them a time frame. Before you know it the quarter is up (… and your BAS is due) Also if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel like a short break, or a holiday with the kids then it can make the harder weeks seem more worthwhile.
  • Another small business colleague noted that “setting business objectives (ideally 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, then break it down into monthly and weekly tasks/steps needed to achieve them if you can). Apart from providing focus, forward momentum and clarity, it gives certainty and structure which is what we have found is critical when you are running your own business and you are primarily accountable to yourself. Also running your business from home can prove challenging in terms of instilling self-discipline and finding balance (meaning making sure you take a break when appropriate so it doesn’t become all-consuming and therefore stressful) so mapping out your objectives and steps or strategies to get you there can keep you on track when other distractions are inevitable thrown your way. Being clear on the WHY ie why you are in your business too, getting back in touch with the passion, and also a reminder or review of your end goal, is a compelling motivator for me and really re-invigorates me to want to just get out there and do it!”
    • And that’s a great point; brings me back to the show we had with Cyril Peupion which was all about Working Smarter & Living Better and how to set goals realistically.
  • “A look at your bank account after a break from work is a pretty good motivator!”
    • Good point, maybe the goal can just be to get off your tush and work off that excess – and I mean the financial excess !!
  • “Prior to the break I am already filling up my appointment calendar for the first 2 weeks to a month after the break. Nothing motivates like knowing a client waits for you. “
    • This is true; knowing what you have to do to prepare for that meeting mentally is a great starter.
  • Treat the final weekend before going back to work as you would any normal weekend. Don’t think of it as the end of the holidays but rather the beginning of the new year. Its like you would if the kids were going back to school – treat yourself some nice stationery (don’t go overboard) and like me colleague says – Start of the break I give my office a good tidy in ref to filing sorting and getting rid of stuff. A tidy office helps heaps to get motivated.

Part 2 – How to do it better next year

Like my colleague mentioned earlier; if the budget was blown over Xmas than perhaps now is a good time to set the budget for next year. If money is a great motivator for you then work out what you spent on the big ticket items like presents, Xmas food and holidays and simply shave 20% off that budget for next year. Sometimes just looking at the figures can help you see where you overspent and how to save in 2015. Here are some ideas:

  • In a big family offer to do a Secret Santa for the adults and limit the budget to maybe $50
  • If you’re hosting Xmas lunch or dinner ask others to bring a dish & don’t buy on impulse – stick to your list. Just because it’ Xmas doesn’t meant you add all those luxury goods you normally wouldn’t buy…
  • Xmas work parties – going out with a group of other businesses? Then make sure the person organising books somewhere which has BYO and suggest everyone brings their own alcohol and the food cost is shared equally. Not everyone drinks $50 bottles of wine you know!
  • Homemade gifts are great – every couple of years I do
  • Buy Xmas gifts periodically throughout the year at the EOFY sales and keep a list of family members’ wish lists so you’re not buying last-minute gifts nobody really wants. Also keeping a list of what you’ve bought the kids means you don’t worry about one kid getting less than the other because even after you’ve wrapped them you know who’s getting what and there’s no last minute panic buying.
  • Get the wrapping paper etc now while its ridiculously cheap!
  • Olivia Wilson from Steps Financial has a great savings plan to help with budgeting for next year – you can download it for free off their website from the resources tab.
  • And here are those fantasic budgeting plans we told you about on the show, courtesy of Steps Financial. You can contact Olivia for more great advice via

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