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The NSW State Election

With Matt Kean MP for Hornsby

Part 1 – Matt Kean Q&A

Questions for Matt Kean:

The TAFE funding cuts have hit small business hard.

    • An increase in TAFE course fees will of course decrease the number of graduates and particularly with regards to the tradies and their apprentices means TAFE has to do more with less funding. How is this possibly sustainable long term for small business?
    • The failure of the computer system as reported in the SMH when transcripts were to be issued a couple of weeks ago can only be described as a debacle. Specifically there were small businesses who simply couldn’t start trading because the transcripts (an indicator of qualifications) weren’t available on that day.
  • Liberal governments at all levels are always claiming to be the “friend” of small business and yet the red tape continues to drown them in admin. The has a checklist for small businesses which is 44 pages long. Can you give me just one example where the state Liberal government has cut red tape for a small business?
  • Thank you for your brochure outlining all the promises and plans for the Hornsby area. Where is the bit about small business? Its no secret that there is next to no support in the Hornsby area for small business and yet you, as the Liberal candidate haven’t actually made mention of it in your printed material. Do you have any plans to help small business grow in the Hornsby area?
  • The NBN. A key component of making businesses competitive globally and enabling small business to challenge international competitors. A working NBN would assist small business community immensely. Now, I am aware that this is a Federal issue, but as the Liberal state government can we have an update for specifically, the Hornsby Kuring-Gai Area as to when anything which will speed up our dinosaur system
  • One of the biggest problems facing every business is cash flow, and a huge problem is getting bigger businesses (particularly corporations) to pay in a reasonable period of time. And buy this I mean within 3 months in some cases. Why doesn’t the NSW government look into tightening the legislation around debt recovery for small businesses? Why not make it compulsory to pay defined small businesses within 1 month? I know for example that if you deal with government organisations and you have less than 5 employees, you will be paid within one month however there is nothing other than an expensive client contract (which many corporations will refuse to sign, and ignore even if they do) which will force larger businesses from simply holding onto the allocated money and making interest off this while small business struggles to pay their suppliers. Is this feasible as a specific measure? If not, is there anything the state government can do to improve cash flow, or indeed any difficulty facing small business?