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Interview with guest

 Kristina Duke, Professional Organiser and owner of Decluttering Diva

We’re very excited to be welcoming this week our guest, local Professional Organiser and owner of Decluttering Diva; Kristina Duke. She’s here to chat to us about Organising your home office and beyond ….

Welcome Kristina and thanks for being on the show!

Part 1 – First step to organising is not to!

There are many advantages of basing our businesses from home – save money, more flexibility, more control but these can be negated by the negatives like lack of structure and boundaries and home life distractions. Having your home office organized can help to ease some of these.

Before you go buy some funky desk organisers, files or magazine racks I need to stop and first think – what do I want from this space? What is your VISION for the space?

As a home based office, it may need to have several functions additional to the traditional office.

  • business base to deal with emails, make business calls, store work related documents,
  • Home organization hub – place to file, storage of other paperwork/clutter
  • Spare bedroom?
  • Dumping ground for surplus h/hold items?

What is the feel we want from the space? Do you want to feel like you are in a corporate style office? Or a more homely environment?

Part 2 – Declutter the items that don’t serve this VISION

This step seems simple enough but can be challenge especially if you home office has become the dumping group for your home’s clutter. Depending on the time you have allocated to complete your office, will depend on the type decluttering strategies you could use.

  •  Set a timer for 10 mins and grab a garbage bag – see how much rubbish/ recycling/ charity etc you can find in that short time.
  •  Anything that hasn’t been used/ touched in 12 months could probably go too.
  •  Remind yourself of the vision you want for this space. This home office is a reflection of your business –if you do not take it seriously –who will? Be ruthless, your business will thank you for it.

Part 3 – Let’s make the space work

Now set up areas in your home office depending on the different FUNCTIONS required from the space eg filing area, bill payment area, storage/ organization area, guest bedroom area. Now there are obvious limits to what can fit in this space based on the size of the room, the size of the bookshelf, filing cabinet or desk etc.

If you don’t have the space for that large bookcase – you will have to either downsize it for the space or remove something else that is not as important to the function of the room.

If you own only a 2 drawer filing cabinet – you will need to seriously consider going digital or culling excess paper.

Here are some more tips –

  • If possible have different filing cabinets/ shelves/ drawers for personal vs business
  • If such as distinct separation is unavailable, use different colours for filing, magazine racks, in trays, post its etc.
  • Structure your computer to have a business log in and personal one – keep disciplined when “working” to not check personal email or FB etc

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