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Setting up a Facebook Group for Business

with Paula Agius from Social Cocktails

Date: 19th May 2015

INTRO – So, why would you want to set up a Facebook group? There are of course Facebook pages which we are all aware of as small businesses (and we all utilize them in different ways) but what about creating groups? Why would you set one up? And what groups are currently out there for you to join?

  • The biggest thing I would have concerns about, especially if a business networking group, is aulaurely vetting the new members and is it by referral only etc
  • There are plenty who use psuedonyms, so while this doesn’t matter in some situations, when you are bringing your business to the table, your integrity and credibility are on the line, Plus people get a bit wary if they don’t know you directly (IRL/in person etc)
  • I’m keen on rules, pain in the bum to admin them, but again, keeps a level playing field and when people know what to expect, it seems to work well enough (again, from a BSS perspective)
  • Let’s get back to basics, what TYPES of groups can you set up on Facebook – closed vs open to anyone, community vs business
  • What are your top 3 tips for setting up ANY Facebook group – tips on guidelines, ways to set it up properly
  • What is the role of an admin and why is it important to have a second or even third admin on board.
  • Can you give us some advice on the best way to monitor your page, whilst still allowing members to feel they can speak their mind?