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Interview with guest, Jenny Williams from Creative Style Interior Design

  ***  All of this wonderful information comes to us from Jenny’s excellent article – Creating the Ideal Home office which can be viewed in full here –

We’re very excited to be welcoming this week a professional who is extremely experienced Jenny Williams from Creative Style Interior design. Who’s here to chat to us about tips for setting up the perfect Home Office environment…. She has written an excellent article on her website – and we’ve invited her to the program today to impart her knowledge!

Welcome Jenny and thanks for being on the show!


Part 1 – Setting up a home office – the logistics

  • Firstly ask yourself do you have the space? What is the best location? How much space do you need?
  • Consider technology & electronics
    • How many office appliances do you really need and include this in your planning
    • Consider the best location for electrical sockets and remember to think of your phone/fax line
    • Wifi
    • Landlines vs mobiles vs fax lines
  • Look at your layout
    • What will actually fit? Measure it out.
  • Who will be using the space?
    • Consider this when designing. Do you need to split the office between people? How can you accommodate them comfortably?

Part 2 – The Environment & Ergonomics

  • Firstly Jenny, what does the term ergonomics refer to?
  • Colours and lighting (very important!!)
    • Corporate colours
    • Downlights vs desk lamps
    • Choosing the right chair (price is no guide, you need to try before you buy!
    • Consider a standing desk
  • Are clients visiting the space?
    • How can you make it professional?
    • Consider a waiting room space for clients
    • Brand reminders
    • Its ok to be casual
    • Remember your insurance & WHS obligations. Have a chat to your broker about what you can and can’t do in the space with clients.
    • WHS WHS WHS – get another person to check for risks and potential incidents (such as crowded circuit boards, badly placed extension cords) before you start working there

Part 3 – Storage and Organisation

  • Furniture
    • Doing it on a budget (freecycle, Hornsby buy/sell/swap)
    • Map it all out before you buy – do you really need a 3 drawer filing cabinet?
  • Tips:
    • Colour coding for different people using the space
    • Folders vs hanging files
    • Work with the space you have
    • Archive the files you no longer use and consider going paperless with your archiving – there are great online options like Dropbox (cloud based)


  • In your article, you write that it’s important to have that dedicated space where work is your main priority, not only to keep you focused, but also to keep your work from spilling over into your personal or family life
  • It’s great if you have a blank canvas to work with, but how can you apply these principals to a “nook” in your living or bedroom, for example?
  • You mention that Colour can impact your ability to focus in the workplace – can you as a colour expert explain?

We’ll be popping Jenny’s details up on the breakfast boys FB page and my website and importantly a link to her fabulous article.

Thanks Jenny for being on the show!

Next week’s show

Next week we’ll have another fabulous special guest – a wonderful author who will be sharing our own experience and her extensive knowledge and research on the topic of Work Life balance – Sarah O’Bryan, author of Business and Baby At Home. It’s a topic many of you have requested us to cover – that elusive “work/life balance” I’m sure this expert will be able to impart invaluable knowledge.

As always, if you’ve only just tuned in you can listen again or in touch via the Breakfast Boys Facebook page or email me at

Homework time!! A question on which to ponder – how do you think you’re missing out on Work/Life balance? What would you like to spend more time doing if it weren’t your own business?