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Interview with guest

Paula Agius,

Social Media expert and Director of Social Cocktails

We’re very excited to be welcoming this week a professional who is extremely experienced Paula Agius Social Media expert and Director of Social Cocktails. She’s kindly joined us to help us small businesses with Social Media; wrestling us out of the confusion and helping us on a clear path to utilising this marketing technique into something which will actually work for you to build business!

Welcome Paula and thanks for being on the show!

Firstly, let’s just make it clear how we are approaching this segment. We’re going to presume that those of you listening haven’t used social media much beyond the personal, you don’t have a business Facebook page for example, or maybe you do because someone said you should but you don’t know what to do from there – you don’t have a LinkedIn page, not sure what the purpose of a tweet is, etc, and want to learn perhaps which social media platform is best for your business.

Also, we will be creating a regular segment on Social Media; since this is the avenue which many of you have asked for tips with. Every 6 weeks Paula will be back and together with Small Biz Matters she’ll help you through your social media growth. Do your homework over Paula’s segments and you’ll watch your social media presence online grow.


  • First, I have to ask, why “Social Cocktails” – what’s in the name?
  • Why you need to think about social media before diving in?
  • What is your time worth? Remember to value the time you spend working on

Part 1 – Social Media; Why is it important for small business?

  • The importance of having a presence online. You could:
  • Having a presence online makes you look more professional. People are wary of businesses who don’t have at least have a page online somewhere.
  • You could consider building a community around your business – they’re called followers – and they are the people who want to hear about your expertise, your knowledge and about your business
  • A way to give good customer service
  • Engaging with your potential customer
  • What does “positioning yourself as the expert” actually mean?
    • How do you best communicate with your potential clients?
    • You don’t have to write blogs, something visually is better for businesses
  • Who do you want to engage with?

Let’s face it, everyone these days are online – businesses, consumers, it doesn’t matter who your target audience is they are online conversing and that’s where you should be too.

  • You could start a group for other professionals similar to yourself and ask eachother questions
  • What should we do now?

Start now so that as your business grows so does your social media presence. In 2 years time when your business is successful, you should have an online presence which looks as though you’ve been around for a while, not just for a couple of months.

Part 2 – Creating & Curating Content


  • Link to other articles, sharing content – how do you do that on various platforms?
  • Create go-pro videos of your major projects and pop them up online
  • Sharing stories of out-of-the-ordinary jobs
  • Before & after photos – what can you taken these photos with?
  • Remember your content has to grab their attention in the first 10 seconds so think about who your audience is
  • How long do I have to spend online to make this work?

Part 3 – Business Goals and social media strategies

  • A good starting point is your own business goals. How can you link your social media content to achieving those goals?
  • It’s not always about making money but how can you measure if social media is working for you?
  • You need to be consistent. Decide how regularly you’re going to update your platform and which ones will work for you and try to stick to that.


So as I mentioned at the beginning of the show Paula and I are going to revisit this topic every 6 weeks and develop a Group Strategy Workshop –

I’ve called it our “Cocktail Design Masterclass”. The first in the class is a simple but important one – and you won’t be surprised to hear it’s about aligning your social media objectives with your business goals. You can find the download to the instructions and the worksheet at and just head to the “Downloads” tab. In our next discussion, we’ll move a bit faster, but it has been important that you take the time to understand the importance social media will play in your business.

As always, if you’ve only just tuned in you can listen again or in touch via the Breakfast Boys Facebook page or my website – Boyd Office Management Services or with any questions, email me at

Next Week

We have Matt Kean state MP for Hornsby on the show next week letting us know what we can expect at the FREE Small Business networking event on the 2nd of September and letting us what NSW Govt can do to help small business.