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Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work

ON your business rather than IN it.

Week 16 Wrap-Up

Tues 9th September 2014

Part 1 – Wrap up from Networking Night

Alexi & the Breakfast Boys chat about the success of last week’s networking night!

Part 2 – What we’ve covered

  • Mayor Steve Russell responds to Local and Vocal concerns
  • Building a Home office environment
  • Setting up a home office – the logistics
  • The Environment & Ergonomics
  • Storage and Organisation
  • Work Life Balance for female small business owners
  • Ways to support your partner who is running their own business
  • Tips on how to designate/mark out your territory
  • What is Work/Life Balance and how do you achieve it?
  • Hosting the perfect Launch Party
  • Organising your home office and beyond
    • First step to organising is not to
    • Declutter the items that don’t serve this VISION
    • Let’s make the space work
  • Useful websites and latest updates from the ATO
    • Federal – announcement from ATO
    • Useful websites
    • Local – Networking night & Abby Practice
  • Social Media for Small Business
    • Social Media; Why is it important for small business?
    • Creating & Curating Content
    • Business Goals and social media strategies
  • Announcing the free networking night and what NSW Govt can help small business
  • Choosing the right Business Coach
    • Why is a Business Coach beneficial to small businesses?
    • What are the top 7 mistakes small businesses make?
    • The different types of business coaches and how to choose the right one

Next week we’re going to be talking all about Home Based businesses. You might be considering setting a brand new one up yourself or becoming a consultant for a well known and trusted brand. Well, we have someone on the show tomorrow who has been there and done that with both, so I would consider her a bit o an expert in the field.


  • Think about what you would expect from an established home based business organisation. It might not be what you think!