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Workplace Incidents


Part 1 – follow one from last 2 weeks’ topics – Incidents in the workplace & Incident reporting & Rehabilitation of an Injured Worker

 In part 1 week we covered the topic of incidents in the workplace. We talked about the different types of incidents whether it be construction site or in a typical office environment. The main point we try to make on Small Biz Matters is to always make sure your policies and procedures are in place before these incidents occur. Any example of this would be having a correct incident form ready to go at all times. There is a simple template available to download on the WorkCover NSW website and next week we’ll take you through some of the other “must haves” for any business in relation to WorkCover.

Last week on the show we welcomed Sarah Collinson, Business Development Manager at Everyday Independence and an expert in the field of rehabilitation.

She answered the folowing:

  • speaking more about the importance of having documentation and always recording incidents. Sarah, can you tell us about some incidents in your line of work which have occurred and recorded and the consequences of that action?
  • Sarah specialises in supporting businesses to help get employees who’ve suffered a workplace injury back to work as quickly as possible. Getting this process right first time can save businesses money in the long term and lessen the impact on your business and also the cost of your policy premium.
  • Sarah, can you get us some pointers on how small businesses can get their employees back to work as quickly as possible? What tips have you got that make the process easier?
  • Can you explain the incentives that are available via the WorkCover scheme?
  • Where can a business go to for help?
  • One of the situations which I believe causes a lot of confusion for small businesses out there is whether or not to lodge an incident report with their insurer. Can you explain the difference between notifying your insurer and making a claim?
  •  In certain size businesses you are required to have a Return to Work Coordinator as part of your team. Sarah, can you advise us on when that has to be implemented and the sort of roles and responsibilities this coordinator would have?

Part 2 – Must have documentation for any business in relation to WorkCover

  • What documentation should you have in place in your business
  • Difference between a near miss and a serious incident
  • Reminder on reporting
  • Taking you through the correct Incident Report form