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Small Biz Wrap Up

With Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services


Its been a busy few weeks on the show and as many of my regular listeners know every few weeks I like to “take stock of the topics we’ve covered and the main points we’ve chatted about.

You may want to revisit the show if you here a topic today which interests you – where the podcasts are


10th Feb – Interview with Matt Kean

  • Main topics we covered with Mat were the funding cuts, and the reason I think this is an important Small Business issue is not just because a great proportion of tradies have apprentices but those graduates are looking to start their own business too. When the computer system went down a couple of weeks ago it was was the illustrative event which showed how a lack of funding can directly affect small business.
  • We also chatted about Local Small business and how Matt intends to continue to support this group and also how the liberals intend to cut red tape – a question I felt Matt didn’t answer at all…..


3rd Feb – Your Sponsorship Dollar

  • Which causes do you align with? – makes sense with your business and be aware of who your competitors are supporting
  • Getting Value for Money – get it in writing what you receive for your sponsorship dollar, social media, have a contact you can ask questions of and make sure you sign off on wherever they are using your logo, certificate?
  • How can you support – its not just about money, how will they use your money – beware of dodgy dealers and those with bad reputations


27th Jan – The Kids

  • Talked about how running a business can effect the little people in your family.
  • How to talk to them; gain insight in what it is they think you do (always an eye opener!)
  • Get their perspective and ask their opinions every so often


20th Jan – company structures with Ursula Hogben

  • A jam packed show with Ursula where she explained clearly the different types of company structures and how to choose the right one for your business
  • Costs and processes of running each of these and more importantly where the liability rests with each
  • Partnerships, trusts, sole traders vs companies – a topic often asked about by small business owners and if there’s one show to revisit after today it would be this one because even if you’re not thinking of adjusting your company structure knowing your options is very important.
  • She also covered the process of changing structures – and the way she presented it was clear and made sense to even me!
  • The most complex part and a good one for business owners to be aware of is Holding Company / Operating Company and Family Trusts
  • How to make the decision and the questions you need to ask yourself to make decisions about company structure
  • Partnership scenarios and bringing in a new partner or setting up a partnership together
  • Why you need a good legal team who over time can help you grow your business


13th Jan – Unpacking the GST

  • The compliancy issues around the GST – what you need on your invoices to clients and what you should expect from your suppliers
  • How you are basically a tax agent for the government who collects the GST for them
  • How to reduce your GST liability
  • Using the right accounting software package and building it so you have better accuracy when it comes to reporting time
  • Cash flow – having a separate account where you put your GST so you’re not cash poor every quarter


6th Jan – Motivating yourself after a break

  • Tips to get yourself up and running after a break like Xmas time – setting objectives, planning ahead (and planning in holidays too), goal setting
  • If money is a motivator (because of your Xmas credit card bill) we had some tricks and tips on saving money leading up to the next Xmas
  • The lovely Olivia Wilson from Steps Financial supplied us with 2 very useful budgeting tools – a 52 Week Aggressive Savings challenge and a 52 week money challenge.


Then before the break we did a series of 3 shows all about Workplace Injuries


2nd Dec – Workplace Incidents

  • The Work Health and Safety Act and what your’e responsibilities are as an employer, remembering that even in an office environment there are responsibilities and workplace health and safety issues
  • What the difference between a Incident and Near Miss and how to report each of these


9th Dec – Understanding Workcover with Sarah Collinson

  • Sarah was a highly regarded occupational therapist who has worked with insurance companies and small to medium sized businesses, supporting them when rehabilitating an employee after a workplace injury.
  • The psychological impacts as well as the physical impacts of a serious injury
  • How it affects the rest of the team and why its important for everyone to help this person get back to work asap
  • And how you can prepare your business BEFORE an incident like this happens to know the process and how you could bring someone back in another role if their injury stops them doing the same kind of work


End of Nov – PR for Small Business with Jaclyn Bold

  • How to incorporate PR into your business advertising strategy
  • Why its important to understand how to use PR
  • Engaging with journalists and local media
  • Options with local media and creating PR


As always, if you’ve only just tuned in you can listen again or in touch via the Breakfast Boys Facebook page or my website – Boyd Office Management Services or with any questions, email me at